Where can I find Excel help forums?

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Hi there.  I'm a new user of Excel. 

I have sheets 1,2, 3.  How do I use the auto data fill function? 

I'm looking for Excel Help Forums. 

By the way, I use Microsoft Excel 2010. 


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Where can I find Excel help forums?


Hello William,

Hope you are doing well.

At first let me welcome you to the world of excel, it is a very powerful tool.

Now I am sharing some useful links from where you can  help contents related to excel 2010.

Please see the attached tutorial link of Excel 2010 :

Goodwin edu computer resources pdfs/excel_2010_tutorial.pdf

Excel forum com 

Hope this will help.

Thank You.

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Where can I find Excel help forums?



You indicated that you are new to excel, and you asked your questions to the right people.

Using autofill follow the steps below:

Open an Excel document

Enter the first value in the cell you want to begin the series 

If your series is numerical, click the next cell you want in the series and type the next value.

The difference between the two initial cells determines how the series is incremented. 

Select the two cells you just entered (or the first one, for a non-numerical series)

Locate the "fill handle," or the dark square in the lower right corner of the cell. The pointer should change to a small dark square when it's over the fill handle.

Drag the pointer to cover all the cells you want in the series.

Secondly, about the forums, for quality discussions on any aspect of Excel you can visit websites like: Excel forum, Excel experts forum and we at techyv can help as well

Thank you.

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Where can I find Excel help forums?


Hi William S Snell,

After selecting the AutoFill option Auto Fill Options button will be displayed.

To show the Series dialog box, use any one of the following ways:

  • MS Office Excel 2007 and Excel 2010, click the Home tab, and then click Fill in the Editing group.
  • MS Office Excel 2003 and in earlier versions of Excel, point to Fill on the Edit menu, and then click Series.

The options are available on the type of texts in the cells and on the format of the data.

You may use the Series command for finding the AutoFill option and other options.

Thanks for asking

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Where can I find Excel help forums?


The Auto Fill Feature in Excel is used to fill the cells with data based on the pattern or data encoded in another cell.

Instead of  looking for forums, you can go directly to the Microsoft Support page and search for the subject that you wish to learn. I listed the site where you can know more about the Auto Fill feature in Excel,

just simply click on the link:


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