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Huawei mobile phones (made in China)  are usually very cheap. Are they any good? Huawei Honour is the cheapest smartphone running Android ICS. Is it worth buying, or should I spend a little more and buy a phone with a better brand name?

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Hi mr. Carlton Brinkley,

  I think Made In China Phones Is A Bad quality of Mobile Phones Because They are only Immitations Of Original Phones, China Produces Cheapest Phones In The World but in terms Of Quality I will Rate them 4 out of 10. Here in my Country There are many Cheapest China Phones Sell in the Market but always I choose Original Phones Or branded Phones. Is it Worth Buying? In My Opinion I think its not worth it, Its Better To buy a Original Phones With A good Brand Name Than China Phones. Its Just A waste of money because You Cannot Use the Best Features of the Cellular Phone.

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The 3rd party sources in HTC WILDFIRE have Froyo from plus flash/ torch/ movie lightning and China camera is poorer quality in every way to the TAIWAN HTC camera.

The HTC Wildfire is $299; the IDEOS can be bought for $149 from Australia Post. the Wildfire is still good value due to  major difference in price, and while, in my opinion, it’s not better value than the IDEOS.

The one important thing that is letting us down with this Smartphone is there. Battery life is lather short.chinesse are famous for building durable bridges and roads why fail on battery longetivity