How to improve battery backup of my new MotoE?

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I bought this new Motorola MotoE Mobile about a week ago. I am somehow not happy with the battery backup as I have to charge it twice a day, which means only 12 hrs when I am using Gmail on 3G Internet. I heard that this is because of the recently launched Kitkat version of Android. Can someone please suggest if it is because of the same and if yes, how can I change the Android version of my phone?

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How to improve battery backup of my new MotoE?



Though battery life for Moto E is not as good as Moto G, yet it got average reviews from users. In this case, you are not alone in holding this problem; there are lots of others, having all ranges of devices, facing a battery ruining issue after a kit cat update.

Android OS may be one source of highly active within, phone using battery power. I would like you to look after about some issues, which may affect battery consumption:

  1. Do you routinely have in-out mobile signal/ WI-Fi? This is a big reason of battery usage, especially for a       refined operating system like kit Kat.
  2. Do your device’s location reporting services always switch On?
  3. Keep a track on how often your phone 'wakes up,' or syncs data? Especially when left unused.
  4. Any apps or service, which may tends keep your phone busy will drain. Try testing by force applying “stop/deactivate apps” one at a time. It will help in battery monitoring/analysis app for determining the cause.
  5. How do you charge-powered on or off?
  6. May be it is just about a bad kernel within the charging software.

 Now coming to the point of changing android version of your handset, you can reset your phone to “Factory setting”. This may help you. And if, you are thinking about “downgrading” your handset to an older version of android. I want to warn you against this. First, it is not easy. You need to be a real android geek to take that risk. And especially with a brand new handset, I need not mention about the Warranty violation issue.

Hope this information will help you.

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