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With Intel Ivy Bridge processor NVIDIA’s GeForce GT 630M, HP has updated the Pavilion dv6t and dv7t. What would be the expected price of dv6t and dv7t?

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Hello there!

Currently, the new updated Pavilion dv6t and dv7t will cost an extra fortune. The Pavilion dv6t and dv7t has been updated with new Intel Core i7-3610QM processors running at 2.3GHz. The 15.6 inch dv6t will mostly likely cost $899.99 while the 17.3 inch dv7t will cost $999.99. Both models come with a 750GB HDD, 8GB RAM and most especially the NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M graphics processor. Earliest bound shipments would most probably take down on May 8. HP also offers upgrades to the Core i7-3720QM at 3.6 GHz or the i7-3820 at 3.7GHz. If you are interested in this, you can place your orders at HP's site. Hope it helped. 



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HP has recently launched their Ivy Bridge processors after that many computer manufactures have released new computer including Ivy Bridge processors. They have updated HP pavilion lines dv6t and dv7t to use Intel's Ivy Bridge processors, with each starting off using a quad-core 2.3GHz Core i7. The two likewise share NVIDA's GeForce GT 630M to give them mid-level video. Commonalities also bring 750GB, 5,400RPM hard drives, and a minimum 6GB of RAM with ROM for up to 16GB.
In this configuration the expected price of dv6t would be $1500 and dv7t would be $1600. But the price will vary according to configuration.