Could Not Save or Edit on a Remote Machine with Notepad

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I want to save and edit files on a remote machine using Notepad. I have granted the security permissions and access privileges in the folder. However, when I tried to edit or save, the following error occurred: “Please check whether if this file is opened in another program.” I have tried to find solutions but failed to fix it. I really need help!

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Could Not Save or Edit on a Remote Machine with Notepad


That is an error occurring because the same file that you are editing on the remote machine is still opened on the local machine, and therefore you cannot be able to edit it, nor can you be able to save it. So you will need to make sure that the following is done:

  • Close the file that you want to edit on the local machine first.
  • Thereafter you can be able to edit and save using the remote machine.
  • You will also need to make sure that no other user has opened that document for you will be denied permission to edit and save it in that case.

Or you can still save the same file with a different file name on the remote computer using the 'save as' option and continue working on it without having to close it on the local machine.

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Could Not Save or Edit on a Remote Machine with Notepad


The problem here is not with the permissions set on the folder where the file is residing but with the file itself or the sharing permissions. If you want to edit a file that is located in another computer on the same network or local area network, check that the file is currently not in use.

If the file is currently opened in a program, this puts the file in use and that program has exclusive access to the file. This makes the file inaccessible to other applications. In this state, it is possible to open the file remotely but saving any changes to the file may not be possible because a particular program has exclusive access to it.

To fix the problem, check if a program is currently using the file on that computer or in other computers and then close it or exit the application. In case this is not an option and somebody else is using the file, one workaround that will work is to do a save as on the file and save it under a new filename on your local hard drive.

When the file is no longer in use, open the file you saved on your local hard drive then open the remote file you want to edit. Next, copy the contents of your file to the remote file you are editing and save it.

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