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I've bought a Nexus 7 yesterday, and I've tried to install a Skype messenger.

Its working on a chat box, but the problem is I cant make a video call on it while typing for a chat.

Is there any solutions for it?

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By default Nexus 7 disable the video calling option. You set up Skype, but not enable the video calling option.

So at first you need to enable Skype video calling option. To do this

Step 1: Open Skype from application center then click on menu and select the setting option.

Step 2: Check Enable video calls and click continue.

Now you can make your video call without any hassle.

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Dear User,

Skype is most popular application for text or voice and video calls.

And it supports almost every flat form.

But by default, the android version disables the video call function.

But you can try these steps, if you want to make video calls.

1. Open Google Play and search for Skype, then install it

2. Open the installed app from your apps. Skype will be reloaded

3. Select a contact and select ‘Skype call’. Which uses your front camera.

Also supports portrait and landscape mode

Thank you

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The Skype you install on your computer to do online chat and video call is the same service you install on your tablet, but the Android version since you cannot install the usual Windows version on your Android tablet. With Skype for Android you can do free voice and video calls to anyone using Skype while on a Wi-Fi or 3G connection.

The other post is true; the video calling option on the Android version of Nexus 7 is disabled by default. And if you are not aware of it then you might end up reinstalling the application again and again without good results. But there is a way of enabling the video calling option so you can make video calls on Skype with your Nexus 7.

First step is to check your Nexus 7 tablet if Skype is already installed there. If not, download Skype from Skype Free IM and video calls and then install it afterwards. After installing it, open Skype from your apps.

Press Menu and then select Settings. In the list of options, check “Enable video calls” and then tap Continue in notifying.

After that Skype will reload automatically. To start a video call, select anyone from your contacts and then select “Skype call”. This uses the front camera of your Nexus 7 tablet, and it supports both landscape and portrait modes.

Sharath Reddy