How to use a flash Drive as a RAM on XP

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I recently heard that windows has an option to increase the physical memory of the system using a flash drive. However I do not seem to find the option to do so. My computer has an internal physical memory of 256 MB which makes it sluggish. Do you have an option to increase its performance without actually upgrading it?

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How to use a flash Drive as a RAM on XP



  1. First Format your flash Drive that you want to use as a RAM Drive on window XP.
  2. Use the slot for USB flash Drive that you do not use regularly because it should be attached their as long as you should use at as a RAM Drive.
  3. Rename your flash Drive as  RAM Drive
  4. on desk top right click on MY Computer and then from menu click on properties.
  5. then System Properties Window will be displayed, then click on Advance tab.
  6. then under performance title click on setting know performance option window will be open and know click on Advance Tab.
  7. Know under virtual Memory title click on Change
  8. Virtual Memory window will be open then select the RAM Drive which you have rename your flash drive.
  9. then see how many space is available in front of the title of Space available option
  10. then click on custom size radio button and set the Initial Size and Maximum size to five less than the total space available.
  11. then click on set then ok
  12. know click on apply and ok.
  13. your computer will be restart and the new setting will be applied and you will see great improvement in your computer speed.

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How to use a flash Drive as a RAM on XP

  • You can actually speed up your system by using flash drives. All you have to do is first you got to have a flash drive and place it in your computers USB slot.  Now, go to your “My Computer” next, click on “Properties” or “System Properties”.  There will be a pop-up window and on the tabs click on “Advanced”. Choose “Settings” under “Performance”.
  • So, another pop-up window will appear again, on the tabs, there will be Visual Effects, Advanced and Data Execution, click on “Advanced”.  You will see Processor Scheduling and Virtual Memory, click on “Change” under virtual memory. You will see your flash drives list. Click on your flash drive name. Now what you do is click on Custom Size (windows wants at least 5 MB of free space) so, if your flash drive has 512 MB deduct 5 MB and type it in the initial and maximum size. For example:
  • Initial size (MB): 507
  • Maximum size (MB): 507
  • After that click on “Set” and Restart your computer.
  • Now you’re speeding up your systems using your flash drive.

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