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I think I just locked the keyboard on my Sony Vaio laptop. None of the keys are working, only the mouse pad and left and right click buttons.  How can I unlock them? 

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Your vaio laptop keyboard can be locked unfortunately which causes slower typing appears in screen.  If you hold down the shift key more than 8 second, you will face this type of problem. However this is not a very big issue. Here are the steps for solution:

1. Go to control panel. Find “ease of access center” and click to open it.

2. Now click make the keyboard easier to use.

3. An option keyboard will be appeared

4. Now, check on turn mouse stick keys and other similar options

5 Apply this setting

This is enough to solve your problem

Thanks for your time

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Locking the keyboard of your Sony VAIO laptop may result to different things. You may experience the letters or numbers to appear very slowly as you type them and sometimes it will not appear at all. For users who are new to Sony VAIO, this might become an issue since most are beginners.

This problem can happen if you press and hold on the SHIFT key for more than 8 seconds which will trigger the automatic locking mechanism. But you don’t have to worry especially for beginners because this can be fixed from the Microsoft Accessibility Options. To unlock the keyboard, click Start, Control Panel, Ease of Access then Ease of Access Center.

Select “Make the keyboard easier to use” and then uncheck “Turn on Mouse Keys”, “Turn on Stick Keys”, and “Turn on Filter Keys”. Click Apply then OK. On the other hand, the Sticky Keys is also activated in Microsoft Windows by default by repeatedly pressing on the SHIFT key 5 times. See image.

Sharath Reddy