How to transfer files from mobile to laptop?

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I have an important file in my mobile handset but a file is needed to edit. At this moment, how can send the file from mobile to laptop to edit?

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How to transfer files from mobile to laptop?


There are several ways,

1. Upload file from your cell to a storage site like and download it to your Laptop by signing in.

2. Email the file to your in box, like yahoo, msn, Google etc and open it from your Laptop. (Don’t have internet use Bluetooth for file transfer).

Bluetooth device

1. Buy a Bluetooth device, if your laptop doesn’t have this facility.

2. Put that in the USB of your system.

3. System will detect it and install (don’t have drivers try on Google).

4. After installation of drivers the icon will be at your desktop.

5. Go to Setting off Bluetooth icon and find other device in the range of Bluetooth.

6. You must turn on the other device’s Bluetooth too.

7. Make contact both devices applying similar passwords both side.

8. You will see the mobile device on your computer.

9. Now you can transfer data easily.

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How to transfer files from mobile to laptop?


If you are using USB cable from your mobile you can connect it to your computer then go to my computer look for the directory folder, like drive C: drive D: then it depends to what your folder name of your mobile then click the folder then look for your data copy or simply just drag the data file by pressing the left click and drag it to your computer or laptop.

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