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Any suggestions on how I can speed up my windows XP aside from using Defrag? Please post them here.

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Validate if the NTFS file system is being utilized by WinXP. Go the My Computer, right-click on C:\, choose Properties. Check the File System type, back-up any important data if it says FAT32. Then click Start, go to Run, type CMD, and then OK. Type in CONVERT C:/FS:NTFS then Enter.

This may take longer; it's critical that the computer is not interrupted and kept virus-free. Your bootable drive’s file system will be either FAT32 or NTFS. NTFS is best known for its superior reliability, security and efficiency with bigger disk drives.

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For me, it's more on optimizing the right hardware. For your HDD - Get a Serial ATA that have 8MB cache buffer. If you only have 512 MB of RAM, get more memory. This is a sure shot way to improve your PC’s performance.

Practice periodic PC maintenance - once a year, clean your computer by blowing out all the dust inside. Check as well the fans if they are moving. Check for obvious bulging or on the capacitors within the motherboard.

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I'm sure there are a number of ways that you can speed up XP aside from Defrag and you don't even need to upgrade your hardware. Here are some of my personal favorites:

1. Every three months or so, delete everything inside the Windows Prefetch folder.

2. Disable your active desktop. Better yet, turn off all the animations.

3. Stay away from partitioning the hard drive.

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I am more adept to protecting my computer to ensure there are no "outside factors" that will cause me slowness, worst, put my computer at risk. What I do is that I make sure to keep my anti-virus up to date and keep my computer spyware free by running anti spyware apps weekly.

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I hate it when my computer starts slow upon boot up - I despise waiting so I make sure it boots "pronto"! To achieve that, I free up my Windows Startup from programs that I don’t need through MSCONFIG.

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These are all good stuff that I can't wait to try out! I never imagined I'll have this much option in wanting to speed up my XP computer. Thank you all so much for sharing! keep them coming if there's more!