How to setup server room inventory?

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I want to setup server room inventory for management purpose but I not familiar how to install, setup and manage this server room inventory.

Can anybody have the details of it.

I need the stepwise solution for it so that I can setup easily.

I am waiting for the reply.

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How to setup server room inventory?



To install a server room there are three main points to be considered – setup, installation and management.

Setting up a server room:

Setting up a server can be a very complex task. You need to keep various aspects in mind such as space available, space required, etc. Most people prefer to setup the server room in an isolated place.

Once you setup a server room, it has to be there and has to run for many years. So choosing the right place to setup a server room can be challenging.

Make a list of all the equipment you need and the space required for it. Then select the appropriate place for it.


After setting up the server room in the right place, it is time to install all the equipment. This can be a tiring job so take help from your colleague.

Place the equipment in such a way that you have some space to walk around. Do not make the place too cramped.

Do not be in a hurry to install all the equipment. Make sure you or anyone can access a specific equipment whenever wanted.

Managing the server room inventory:

Only setting up and installing the server room is not enough as you have to manage the inventory.

Make a list of each and every equipment present in the server room. Do not miss anything.

Make a list in an organized manner so that you do not get confused.

You can use the following software's to manage your server room inventory:



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How to setup server room inventory?


Setting up a server room is the most important task related to your network.

It depends on your conditions that what type of network you are configuring. May be it’s a 50 system computer for which you want to configure a server room or it’s a database server room or any other type.

The basic thing i will tell you is that you need to configure the space for your server, check all the equipment and your requirements before implementing this idea check the rack space and other related equipment. It’s requires a network report before you start working on your project to see your requirements and specifications.

Smith Thompson


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