How to set Windows Media Player to 2.1 audio

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Hi fellows,

Please advice me what to do, whenever I will watch a High Definition movie on my Windows Media player, I don't hear some of the conversations, I am using 2.1 speaker system, I tried using VLC player, what I did is just to set the audio to stereo, but I like to use Windows Media Player.

Please advice. Thanks a Lot.

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How to set Windows Media Player to 2.1 audio


I would suggest trying the Play menu and then clicking "Audio and language tracks". But other than that, I'm not sure. VLC is an extremely versatile player, leaps and bounds above WMP. It may be likely that you cannot change this is WMP. Now you're seeing the video as it should be. Some video players mess with the video and you don't get what you truly expect, either too bright/washed out or too dull/dark.

With MPC you get all the stuff you were intended to get, not much if any post processing. You could try installing a codec pack like CCCP, and use Media Player Classic, that should solve all your problems. A number of people recommended Media Player Classic (MPC).

I installed it and it worked fine. If anyone knows another 3rd party plugin for WMP that is an alternative to Morgan Stream Switcher and runs with Vista and WMP 11, I would appreciate hearing about it. Otherwise, I will just use MPC for my videos with multiple audio tracks.

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How to set Windows Media Player to 2.1 audio

Before I experienced that way, I tried so many things until I realized the real caused of the problem. Nowadays, the development of digital is very fast. At this generation of media storage & playback has taken to us a conveniences and easy life especially those people who love listening to music. Before I get lost about our topic, I have one question for you. Did you configured your computer for music playback?
If you say, No. I didn't. You have to configure first your computer for music playback. Many of us are often anticipated that digital audio never degrade the audio. It is important to realize that digital audio sources like computers, CD & DVD transports and other digital media services that can cause if improperly configured and the effect will be distortion.
And why is it important to configure for playback your computer? It is because the setting inside of media player, device driver & operating system can have a strong effects on superiority or value of the audio that you being used.
I know after reading my first paragraph, you will think how can configure it? Am I right? Before you go to the next step, I recommend and you should read the whole thing about the specific operating system and media player you are playing. Though, you can practice these general procedures or guidelines to arise the performance of audio into the highest level of playback system of your PC or laptop.
First, must keep the 100% volume controls. Second, you should have sample rate to set the audio if you're using iTunes or Mac OS X. As you mentioned that you like to use the windows media player, I suggest to set up is Quick Time for Windows and retain 24-bit setting not 16-bit audio.
Afterwards, you have to turn-off the OS sounds and plug-ins and retain all DSP. And before I forgot, i highly suggested to disabled the following plug-ins and audio DSP likes Surround sound simulations, bass boost and sound enhancer. Hope I can help you about your dilemma. Have fun!

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