KM player and VLC keep stopping while viewing videos

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In order to watch videos and movies in AVI format, I installed KM player on my laptop computer. I am having a problem with it in that it occasionally stops at exactly a given point in the middle of a movie.

After stopping, it plays another movie from the same folder with half of it showing one movie and the second half another. Among what I have tried is installation of the newest version of KM player and K-Lite mega codec pack 6.3.0. 

This never eradicated the problem. Even after downloading VLC player the same experience remained. The videos I am watching were copied from a friend and are 700MB and 1.4 GB.

For my friend there was no problem at all in viewing the videos. I am of the opinion that this is not an issue of hardware or media players having problems. Is anybody able to help me find out why both KM player and VLC are stopping during video view?

I operate with Windows XP SP2, an ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition. In addition, my hard drive is neither fragmented nor with an error.

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KM player and VLC keep stopping while viewing videos


The KMPlayer may be behaving that way because of several reasons:

  • First, it may be due to compatibility issues. You will need to check the system specifications of your computer and then download a KMPlayer version that meets those system specifications.
  • It may be possible that your computer is running on low memory space and therefore KMPlayer is kind of heavy and therefore exhausting the memory space when playing. In that case you might want to upgrade the RAM capacity of your computer solve that issue.
  • You might also need to check the videos that are causing problems when being played and make sure that their formats are supported by the KMPlayer.


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KM player and VLC keep stopping while viewing videos


I completely disagree with Experttechyv . The reason why I say so is because I faced exactly the same problem on my laptop. First I thought that the file is corrupted and I have downloaded the wrong file. Then I thought that it was my VLC player or my windows that is messing with this.

After all the messed up things and reinstalling windows I came to know that those files were infected by some sort of virus. Because when I copied the same files on my PC they gave the same error while my PC was fully protected with ESET NOD 32. So the bottom line is that there is nothing wrong with your computer or windows or even with VLC, you just need to download that file again.

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