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Hello experts,

How to send and play kik videos? I am using my android phone and heard about this feature on sending kik short videos to friends while watching our favorite movies was a really a great idea to have more fun. But the question is how to make this possible, the setting and the procedure on sending. I wish you can guide me through the process. Thank you.

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Kik Video is an android app that is mostly used to send short video messages to friends, family member and other people. But please make sure that the receiver has also installed this application in their smartphone or tablet.
If you are getting a problem to play videos, make sure that you have installed MX Player or Mobo Player. And still it is not working go to “MX Player” then “Setting” then “Decoder” then check “S/W decoder (Local)” and “S/W decoder (Network)”.  

Also make sure that videos are compatible not in a specific format like .wmv.

You can also get much information about KIk video app from these official Links:

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Hello Trevor Jhon,

You can't send videos from Kik messenger directly. It needs a third-party app called Videos for kik. So here it goes:

1. First install kik messenger from Playstore.

2. Then download and install "Videos for kik". Here is link to Playstore.

3. Now open Videos for kik and press capture new video. Now record it.

4. And then go to the gallery in the app, and find your recorded Clip. Now choose that one and it will get you to your Kik messenger.

5. Simply now choose the contact you one to send and press send.

Hope it helps,

Thank you,

Wagner Desantiago