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I want to save a drawing created in Adobe CS4 Illustrator to a high resolution JPEG image as I want to upload it to a dedicated photography website and have it modified into a large 20x30 print.

I saved it for photo and web device and then tried to upload it to the photography website, but I kept receiving a message that the image is too large and it will be blurry.

Do you have any idea of how can I get rid of this problem? 

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Hallo Barbara,

When it comes to uploading images to a website, there is a limit to the size of the image that you can upload. For instance, other sites will limit you to a maximum of 2 MB while others may give you up to a picture size of 25 MB.

So the remedy in you case will be to reduce the size of your image accordingly so that it can upload in the site that you are trying to upload to. Try other formats, like the gif format which may give you the same quality of the image but in a smaller size that will allow for uploading to the website.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung