How to save any web page as an image or PDF?

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I work as a researcher and I need to save webpages as an image or PDF. Based on my internet research, I found software but bit expensive. Freeware is the one I need at the moment to check if there is really a software that will work.

At the moment, what I do to save the webpage as an image, I press PrtSc on my keyboard then paste it on paint. That's a lot of work and very time consuming. It would be nice if I just click on file then save the webpage as an image or PDF.

Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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How to save any web page as an image or PDF?


Hi Gary!

What you are asking is quite simple. First of all, you should acknowledge that printing to PDF means a different thing  from printing to paper. Therefore, if you see print to PDF, it basically means creating a PDF file. Below are a couple of options on how to do this..

  1. You can also opt for Primo PDF creator at This prints from any file to PDF. It features one click-drag-drop file creations. In addition, it also allows you to append to created PDF files (thus you can alter your already created PDF file).
  2. If looking for speed with a small memory footprint, go for Foxit PDF Creator You will just need one click to print a PDF.
  3. Another simple and fast application is doPDF .This requires minimal system resources  and does not require installation of a  Ghostscript. It works by creating identical copies of the document and converting them through embedding all font subsets that were used in the original document.
  4. For Adobe Acrobat users, an option is Adobe’s Acrobat Professional This boosts of similar set of features as those above i.e. reading, editing, and being able to create PDF documents by  a single click on  “Create PDF” button.  This is recommended for creation of  industry standard PDF files.
  5. Let us wind up by going back in time. In case you are using older Windows Versions,  PDF Redirect is yours for the asking.  This does the trick by previewing the file to be printed, creating a single creation by merging the PDF file, and finally password protecting your finished PDF file.

It is now up to you to choose your most suitable option.


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How to save any web page as an image or PDF?


Hi Gary,

The most convenient way I have come across to save the screen, window or text as an IMAGE FILE is to use freeware software PicPick. It is a very handy and user friendly software that will get your job done without hassle. The part I like the most is that not having to crop out the unwanted part of an image like we have to do when using Print Screen button. You can simply choose the area you want to save as an IMAGE. As simple as that.

Download url:

Further Guidelines:

After downloading, run the software. You’ll see The PicPick

Icon appear in the right hand side of your taskbar.

When you need to save any window or any part of a web-page as an image simply click on the icon and you can choose from various options there.

Under The Option Screen Capture you can choose whether to save the "Full Screen" or the "Active Window" only. For any particular area choose "Region" to start selecting the area of your screen you want to save as Image.

You can choose the format of the Image type (jpg, png or bmp) as well.

Here are the list of Keyboard Shortcuts that might be useful:

I hope this post helps.

Thank you,

Yamin Mohammad.

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