How can i see my blog has more than one posts

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How can i see my blog has more than one posts also tell me if my blog has one post then how can i add more posts at my blog

Also tell me how can i add more posts other than home page

You visit my blog and tell me proper answer.

(shahee niqbal. remove spaces URL

I have 2 post at my home page there is 2 banners at the left sight where is this text written

("Author: shaheeniqbal1989 Posted under: ")

and ( Logo, Web & Graphic Designer )

I only want to add one banner because from this look of blog is feel rough

I want to add page numbering in my blog at the bottom but i can't get success.

I have already post this question here and receive answer but i can't get success. You can read my question and answer here

And give me answer about this answer that why i can't get success

Don't type new solution for page numbering only guide me about this solution that how can i get success.

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How can i see my blog has more than one posts


Hello Mr. Iqbal.

I can understand your problem, because even i was so irritated with blogger when i didn't knew anything about it.

I will answer all of you questions:

How to add more Posts?

When you open your blogger account, You will be directed to the Blogger dashboard. You will get a list of all blogs created by you. Click the New Post option for the Blog to whom, you want to post. That's it. You are done. You will be directed to New Post page where you can start writing your post and publish it.

How to add page numbers to Blog?

On the settings page of the blog, choose the Formatting tab, and you will find out the option asking how many posts to display on main page. If your blog has two posts and you set the value to 2 then, automatically you will have two page numbers generated.

Removing the banners

Sorry to say Mr.Iqbal but, what you are calling as banners are nothing but part of the Blogger theme you have applied, those so called "banners" will be present for every post you will be posting. So if you don't like that thing try changing the theme of your blog.

You can find lots of themes for blogger. Just Google it!

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