How to Retrieve Calendar Records in Exchange Server?

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Hello everyone. First, I have a few information to trade. I set up our emails few years ago and did not have any problems at all. Every person in our company has no timetable for its creation.

It was installed through a browser and then it "exchangeserverip/exchange"

We also have a secretary to access the calendar that we can view, update, delete, etc. The only way to connect to the timetable is as follows: the use of an iPad and iPhone and Blackberry applications. This has been working very well so far.

Few weeks ago, he called me and told me that the record in the calendar was gone except for the record on the last three months. I looked at the calendar by myself in the only way he knew (which was from the browser) and saw that he was right, everything was lost.

And also occurred in the heads of two devices that it was all missing. No change in iPads and nothing (to my knowledge) has changed in the Blackberry as well. It does not use any version of Outlook for email (which is largely an office of Thunderbird).

Any idea why there are only 3 months of programming available now?

And most importantly, is there any possibility that the missing years are still in stock somewhere and just not shown?

Thank you.

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How to Retrieve Calendar Records in Exchange Server?


The Main Exchange server retains items deleted from the deleted items folder for 30 days.

The items can be restored using the Recover Deleted Items Features in outlook 2007/2003 or exchange webmail.

How to recover deleted items in outlook 2007:

Highlight any mailbox folder

From the tools menu, choose the recover deleted items to open the recover deleted items dialog box.

Highlight the items to be restored.

Click on the folder icon and recover the selected items on the toolbar

The item will be restores to the selected folder.

You see all results by using this process.


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How to Retrieve Calendar Records in Exchange Server?


I am afraid that it might be lost if you have not set the backup option at the first level.

Since most of the software that handle huge data give you a wizard that helps in setting up the backup of the data so that in any case in the future, you lose your data, you can always have the backup.

If you have done anything like that then there is a chance that you can find it.

Open the exchange server; see where the default path is for the storage of data. Go to that path and see if the old data exist there.

Also in the backup wizard there is a default path too.

You can check that path too to see if there is any backup there which you can use to recover the data.

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