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I am using my personal computer last night when suddenly blue screen appeared. How can I resolve this issue? Do I need to send my personal computer to the store for technical support?

Here is the sample picture of the error appeared.

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Hello there, how many times this blue screen happened? did you install any new program or software that may seems not compatible on your computer? because some of this new software is the reason why your computer show this blue screen.

You need to restart your computer and see if the blue screen will show up, take a notes of what the screen says so that you will know which driver you need to fix. Then reboot your computer and start or log in using safe mode. You can enter safe mode by pressing f8 when the selection menu appear just choose safe mode. Press the enter key so that you can use safe mode then look for the corrupted driver file and delete it on your recycle bin. You can re install now the driver and re start the computer.

Press F8 again then choose now the last known good configuration and just wait for the computer to start.Check to see if the blue screen will appear again if it doesn't then your good, if it show up again, you can try to clean your memory by cleaning it and re installing it on your computer after that restart the computer. Usually if all this things you done and didn't work then you can re format your computer as final solution for this problem.

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First I have to say you are not providing the image as you mentioned there. Blue screen messages are coming due to hardware problems. Most of the time if the RAM is not fitted well it will give blue screen message. And also if there are any problems with your VGA card then it will also display a blue screen message to users.

So, the thing you have to do is carefully refit the RAM and see what happened. If it still gives the error then try with VGA card and refit it. The processor also can give this kind of errors. If you have knowledge you can check it also. If it is not you better to contact your technical support of the store.

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