How To Reset The Dodge Neon Check Engine Light

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Hey everyone,

I have to reset the Dodge Neon Check Engine Light. But, I don’t know the procedure by which I can reset it. I need someone to Explain the whole process to me. Please help.

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How To Reset The Dodge Neon Check Engine Light


You can reset the Check Engine Light of the Dodge Neon Truck by using an Onboard Diagnostics Tool or by disconnecting the Battery. The owner of the cars that have Anti-Theft systems should not disconnect the battery for resetting the Check Light.

You can figure out the code that the Engine Light is indicating by inserting the key into the Ignition. Move it to the Accessory position, and then, turn it off. Repeat this for Three Times and the Engine Light will start flashing.

Only trained Mechanics should use the OBD.

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