How to publish free webdav outlook calendar?

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I have my own WebDAV server and I'd like to publish Outlook 2007.  Having problems with the username/password combination. 

# htpasswd -c /usr/local/www/.DAVlogin "user"
Re-type new password:

Password always not recognized.  Can someone teach me how to publish free webdav outlook 2007?

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How to publish free webdav outlook calendar?


Follow this instruction:
> Go to Server Manager, expand the Roles then go to Web Server (IIS) and check that WebDAV Publishing role is installed.
> If not installed, simply install it by selecting it from the “Add Role Service” list.
> Enable WebDAV on the server as described in the link above.
  Just select your site, double click the “WebDAV Authoring Rules” and then select “Enable WebDAV” in the Actions pane
> Double click the “WebDAV Authoring rules” and select “Add Authoring Rule…” for the “Shared Calendar” site and set it to your preference.
> Now create a new calendar.
> On the Outlook machine map the WebDAV site the command prompt like so:
  net use * ..://<your site>/SharedCalendar
  This should tell you the following:
  Drive Z: is now connected to ..: //<your site>/Shared Calendar
  The command completed successfully.
> Then click the “Publish Online” button and select “Publish to WebDav Server…”.
> You will get a question if you want to send an invitation,choose what you want.
> Now the .ics file is published on the webserver.
If the recipient of the email goes to the url the calendar will be opened by Outlook if this is installed on the machine.
Hope this helps.
Thanking you
Franke Mary

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