Problem with Drupal home page imaging

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Hi Developers, I am developing a web site with Drupal. And I have stalked with home page imaging. I want to display all images Thumbnail of the blog post from the home page. I have managed to display one thumbnail by "image cach" module but I want multiple thumbnails on node view. Any idea?


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Problem with Drupal home page imaging



You have require the following drupal modules for display the multiple thumbnail images on node view
Cck.module, imagefiled.module, imagechace.module. In the imagecache
Field makes sure that you have select “Multiple values” data option (this field only allows to display the multiple images).
Configure the imagecache require  two "presets" for  real and thumb images.
Preset 1 – needed for the thumbnail image that will display on the node's page
namespace: node_thumbnail
action: scale
width: 100
height: 100
scale to fit: inside dimensions
weight: 0
Preset 2 – needed for the real image that will display on the node's teaser (if you want you can show this in teaser)
namespace: node_realimage
action: scale
width: 500
height: 500
scale to fit: inside dimensions
weight: 1
Image filed : Set an "image path" where the original image to get stored.If we  know that the path, it will also be used in the imagecache directory strucure.
Imagechace option : Set that  body preset which we created.
Body preset : set to the imagecache preset that defines your main image to be displayed in the node page body e.g. node_thumbimage get displayed (Preset 1).
Data settings : "Multiple values" – select this if you will allow users to upload and display more than one image for each content entry.The multiple thumbnails will be displayed.Click for save.

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