How to play Diablo III Launch Day!!!-Giant Bomb?

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I download Diablo III Launch Day!!!-Giant Bomb but I can’t understand how to play the game.

Can anyone tell me how to play this game?

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How to play Diablo III Launch Day!!!-Giant Bomb?


Its very simple to play Diablo III.  Most of the actions are performed by just clicking mouse. Here are some basic instructions of Diablo III ‘How to play’ –

Core controls

Point the mouse cursor and use Left-click at the spot you want to go and the character as your hero will walk there. You can also click and hold your mouse button down to move, dragging the mouse will change direction.

Sanctuary is vast world, a lot of objects will be found here to use, just move your cursor over the object, if the object becomes highlighted then you can interact by clicking on it. And this way you can have door, gates and treasure chests as object to interact with. If you see there’s someone around you can talk to them or hear by just click on them.

Combat controls

The thumping heart of Diablo III is combat. You will be chased by giants that rear up in the shadows, tear towards you in crowds and hole through the floor underneath you. Most of them will follow you if you run.

Click on a monster your character will swing or shoot at it by default. The weapon you use to hit the monster will set that how deep the damage is. You can check the average damage in Inventory page, default key “I”.

Action Bar

The action bar contains your Skills, some powerful Items that will help you at the combat field. You can use your action by just clicking on them or pressing the suitable number key.

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