How to open a .wps file in MS-Word?

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I have a bunch of Microsoft Works(.wps) files that need to transfer as a .doc or .docx file.  But I don’t know how to properly do this.

A site says I have to download wp6rtf.exe, but I found a trial version only.

This is a converter that enables Microsoft Word to view .wps files. I am using Microsoft Works 4.0 and I will be transferring the files into my Microsoft Word 2007. When I tried converting the file, it looks strange.  It seems that the converting process is not successful. 

Does anyone knows how to properly format a .wps into .docx? Do I need to run a much higher version of Microsoft Works? I will be using this on my Windows Vista Black Edition 2009, Service Pack 2, 32-Bit OS. I will print the transferred documents through a HP Deskjet D2400 Printer. 

If you  have a link, on where to download full or premium versions of wp6rtf.exe or if you know different ways to convert this, please let me know.  I will highly appreciate it since, I will be using this for my job. I heard about wordconv.exe, it is also a converter, but they said that it will not give you the option to Save As, so please if you know how to do this, send me a reply.

Thank you

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How to open a .wps file in MS-Word?


Hello Allyson!

I haven’t seen Microsoft Works files a lot recently, from my knowledge it has been discontinued.  Anyway, I know that there are still some, who use Microsoft Works such as yourself and would now want to use the features that are present in Microsoft Word 2007.

Here are some solutions you can try, to help you convert or view your Microsoft Works files.

  1. Since you have already downloaded a converter such as wp6rtf.exe, you must also be aware that it is not the only file converter software available on the web.  It is true, that most of the time only the trial versions are available for download.  So next time you do a search, try putting it in quotes and include the words “Full version” and “Free” when performing the search.
  2. Regarding your problem about it opening weird, it’s because the conversion was not done properly.  It will always depend on the version of Microsoft Works that you are using.  Try a different version and see if it helps.
  3. If that doesn’t help much, you will have to edit your file in Microsoft Works and replace the parts that are not compatible with Microsoft Word 2007 manually or edit it on Microsoft Word 2007, so you can be certain that the outlook is good.  That is of course if there is not a whole lot of files that needs converting.
  4. If you are having trouble with your wp6rtf and have already downloaded the full version, you have to make sure that all programs related to Microsoft Word are closed.  Run the wp6rtf.exe file and it will run in the background.  Now you can open your Microsoft Word 2007 with no problems.  Open the Microsoft Works file that you want to convert, select the correct version of Microsoft Works, usually it is version 6 or version 7.  If you are not sure,  go to the location of your Microsoft Works file and simply open it.
  5. If you want to save it as a word file or make it readable in Microsoft Word as a .doc or docx, do the following.  Open the file you want and do all necessary edits you need to do.  Go to “File” and select “Save As”.  Save the name as whatever you want to call the file and choose the “Save as Type”.  There is a drop down menu that will let you select what type of file you will save it as.  Choose the file you want to save it as (.doc or .docx) and simply click on “Save” or “Ok” when you are satisfied with your choice.
  6. You can also convert your Microsoft Works file by using  Search it on Google if you want more information on, it is very safe to use.  Launch OpenOffice and Click on the “File” menu, Select “Open” and in the drop down menu choose “All files” for “File Type”.  Go to where you have your Microsoft Works file saved, open your file.  Click on “File” then select “Save As”.  Choose “.doc” as the file type and you can now save your file as a Microsoft Word document.

I hope this has resolved your issue.  Good luck and happy converting!

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How to open a .wps file in MS-Word?


Hi Allyson Coleman,

There are many ways to do it.

First of all, to open a Microsoft Works .wps file in Microsoft Word, it' essential to have a converter, that will permit Microsoft Word to open the format. Microsoft offers a free file, recognized as wp6rtf.exe that is well-matched with Microsoft Word 2000, 2002, 2003, and 2007, and is competent to open Microsoft Works 4.0, 6.0, 7.0, and 9.0 files.

This file can be downloaded from the Computer Hope utility sector.  After downloading it,  you install it, by keeping all of your Word files closed.

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How to open a .wps file in MS-Word?


Thank you for your unending support to all the members here in techyv. I went to website but its not working but I was able to download the file in filehippo. I downloaded version 3.4 beta 1. And I am working on it now.

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