How to move Gmail messages to another folder?

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How can I move my messages in Gmail to a different folder? I can move the messages on my Inbox. However, when going to the top to search for a keyword and pull up all the related messages, I cannot move those messages anywhere else but on my Inbox only. I can only Label them. How can I do it?

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How to move Gmail messages to another folder?


Hi Max Fields,

Actually, there is no longer an option for making new folders in Gmail. It has however, a sorting system that's called "labeling".
But don't worry, this system functions in the same way as folders do.

If you would like to move your messages from your Inbox folder to another label, kindly follow the instructions below:

Customize gmail inbox

As you can see, above is the basic home screen. Now go check the messages you would like to move.

move the message

Checking the boxes would reveal an entirely new set of commands including "Move to" command.
Go and click this button. And input the Label Name that you like:

Manage Label in Gmail

After typing the label name, press enter and you should see this:

Just click "Create" and hover your mouse pointer near the drafts and you will be seeing this:

Label Name Customize
There, you've finally moved your messages to a new label. Click on the Label Name and you'll see the new location of your messages:

Gmail Messages

Hope this helps!

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How to move Gmail messages to another folder?



There are not folders in Gmail, like yahoo or outlook. The only way to categorize mails is by “labeling” them. Simply follow the below steps.

Login to Gmail.

Click on the link “Create new label”.

Google mail

Give a name for “new label name” then click “Create”.

New Label Name

You can select a unique color for each label.

Odesk Menu

Do any modification as per your favor.

Custom Color Label

Finally drag and drop on the relevant email to which is to be categorized.

If you want them all the categorized mails at once, just click on the label you want. All the relevant mails would be filtered.

Good Luck!


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