Random Issues on Launching Applications through Firefox

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I am facing issues while opening applications. This most often occurs with the well known internet browser Firefox V. 8. Though, the problem persists with the previous versions as well. The time I try to open Firefox, it gets in the status of not responding and sooner or later it gets start working.

Though, after it gets run when I start dealing with such as typing or opening further tabs, it goes through the same issues. Even though, some times it results crashed down of the program. It takes me an age to done with a plain job. Regardless of the Firefox the same scenario also happening with Sony Vegas Pro 9.

Whenever I make use of the features, it goes into not responding mode and soon or later it gets back to normal. However, it is not limited with Firefox or Sony Vegas Pro 9 but all the applications I’ve installed on my system, such as VLC, Adobe Photoshop etc.

Considering my system specifications, it comprises of Windows 7 operating system over an i3 machine with 6 GB of RAM. The computer system is merely few months old though in initial ages it was all in good health. The issue took birth in last couple of weeks and outcome as a massive confusion. I am in huge riddle how to get fixed this problem.

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Random Issues on Launching Applications through Firefox



This could be a virus or a malware issue. As you have said that your system is a few months old i'd recommend installing a good (Purchased) antivirus and run a malware and virus scanner:

1. Try and clean out as many viruses as you can using this method.

2. You can also download and run a few malware scanners from google and clear them out too. If The issue persists then change your browsers.

3. If it still does not go away try and call the authorized agents from which you've purchased your machines.


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