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How can I merge to disk volumes into one without loosing any data?

Do I need to back it up before merging it?

Is there any tool to do that?

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It is very important to backup your important files in your disk drive before you merge.Because your files will be either lost corrupted or will be scrambled in the system. I will tell you on how to merge drives or partition. Just follow the steps

 And heres the steps"

1. First you need  to right click on my computer then click manage

2. Then select click the disk management

3. Select the partition you want to merge (note: do not select the drive C:)delete the drive you are selected by right click then select delete volume.

4.After that right click on the drive c: then select extend volume.

And now drive c: and drive D: are merge now.

Try reboot your computer and check your hardisk.