How to Merge two Hard Disk into one

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How can I merge to disk volumes into one without loosing any data?

Do I need to back it up before merging it?

Is there any tool to do that?

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How to Merge two Hard Disk into one



It is very important to backup your important files in your disk drive before you merge.Because your files will be either lost corrupted or will be scrambled in the system. I will tell you on how to merge drives or partition. Just follow the steps

 And heres the steps"

1. First you need  to right click on my computer then click manage

2. Then select click the disk management

3. Select the partition you want to merge (note: do not select the drive C:)delete the drive you are selected by right click then select delete volume.

4.After that right click on the drive c: then select extend volume.

And now drive c: and drive D: are merge now.

Try reboot your computer and check your hardisk.

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How to Merge two Hard Disk into one


There are two ways to merge your hard disks. One, create a striped volume out of the two hard drives. Two, create a spanned volume out of your hard disks. There is really no great advantage when creating either a striped or a spanned volume. In a striped volume, data is stored in stripes on two or more physical drives.

In this type of volume, data is allocated alternately and equally across the disks. A striped volume provides the best performance of all the volumes available in Windows. It offers faster read and write speed compared to spanned. The problem is they do not give fault tolerance. If one of the disks in a striped volume fails, data in the entire volume is lost.

In a spanned volume, it consists of disk space on more than one physical disk. Unlike striped, there is no benefit in spanned. In a spanned volume, data is written sequentially and it needs to fill drive 1 first before filling drive 2. Spanned volumes are also not fault tolerant. When a disk fails, the entire volume is gone.

To create a spanned volume out of the two hard drives you have, delete one of the drives using Disk Management to create unallocated space. To go to Disk Management, click Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, and then double-click Computer Management. Under Storage section, select Disk Management. To delete a drive, right-click on the drive then select Delete drive.

Once the unallocated space is created, right-click on the unallocated space then select New Spanned Volume. Follow the succeeding instructions after that.

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