How to make a saved web page the same as web layout?

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How do I make a saved web page the same as the web layout? I have saved many web pages of some site I visited for offline reading or browsing, but most of the web pages I saved losses their web layout when I check offline. What are the ways or techniques of saving a web page that will make the page look exactly the same with the online web page?

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How to make a saved web page the same as web layout?




It is not possible to retain all data and formatting when saving a web page, but one can utilize various tools and techniques to retain most of that information. There are various applications which offer one-click saving. These applications include, but are not limited to the following:


  1. Browser add-ons

  2. Full software packages

  3. Web sites that capture web sites


There are also simple web site save functions bundled into every modern web browser. They can be easily accessed by right-clicking content of a web site. They can also be accessed by using the save function in the browser and choosing the option “save file as” and then selecting “a web page” or possibly “HTML” from the appropriate menu. These tools often do not produce the best results.


Scripts can also be employed for the purpose of web site capture. These can be scripts you create or scripts you have found through web searches. These scripts can be authored from scratch or you can use an application to spawn the script. Using a script allows for more control over the result, but it requires a fair amount of knowledge and is not recommended for certain users.


The results depend on the tool you employ. If the objective is to maximize on data retention, then a full and robust software package should be used. There is also a fair amount of trial-and-error required in order to find results that you find suitable; but there will always be data loss. This loss is especially pronounced with complex or data-heavy websites.

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