Operation aborted error issue help

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Hi folks,

I am browsing the internet to continue with for my school related research. I want to open a site, it loaded ,but an error message come out that it cant open the site and operation aborted, only the OK button was present,

Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site

      Operation aborted

I tried, I check my internet connection it seems to working, I restarted my computer in hope it might just a simple restart and go problem. When my Microsoft professional started, I again  opened that site, same error happens, and I tried it using Mozilla Firefox, it is very OK there it loads fine. I think there some what a messy thing in my internet explorer that fails to load this site.

Please help me solve my internet explorer issue.


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Operation aborted error issue help

  • It looks like your browser cannot display the particular element of that website, if you are using Internet Explorer 7. This happens because Internet Explorer 7 is triggered by an HTML parsing exception this occurs when all the following specific conditions are met:
  • The HTML file is being parsed
  • The executing script will attempt to add, or remove an element from an unclosed ancestor in the markup tree not including the  script block's immediate parent element
  • Script is executing
  • You have to upgrade to Internet explorer 8. This issue no longer exists with Internet Explorer 8 prevents error prevents HTML parsing.
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Operation aborted error issue help


Hi Johnhegry, the error you mentioned could be the cause of many reasons. One of that could be due to your Flash Player. Please, opt the following steps one by one to resolve this issue.

  1. Go to Add remove program in your windows control panel
  2. uninstall the Adobe Flash Player
  3. You can use windows cleanup utility for this purpose. Can download software from this link to completely remove flash player.
  4. Download and installed upgraded version of Adobe Flash Player. Afterwards,system may ask you to restart.

Hopefully It will resolve your problem.

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