Is this possible – music/movie download linux hosting site?

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If it is, what are the cons and pros of a site with movie/music download Linux hosting over windows hosting?

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Is this possible – music/movie download linux hosting site?


Hi Joseph, 

Linux is operating system very similar to Windows and OS X. In Linux, you can't use exe files, and if you encounter problems, you have to fix it yourself by searching the forums and reading documentation. If you have codecs, you can play a DVD / CD or movie on it.

Windows has an OS for consumers while Linux has OS derived from UNIX for engineers and developers, thus it is more stable than Windows. Today, Linux is similar to Windows in terms of files, browser, directories, and gives you more control. You have to configure the Linux manually like for example, what driver to use. You can see Ubuntu and Xandros update by going to this link

Hope this help.

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