How to login remotely to a Win 7 PC

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Hi, I want to gain access remotely to a win 7 machine.

A welcome password has been set, and the regular person left the company.

So I want to do his part of the job as well.

How is this possible?

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How to login remotely to a Win 7 PC


1. Go to Start->Control Panel->System Maintenance->System

2. Click on Remote Setting on the left, you may ask for an Admin Password here.

3. Under Remote Desktop there will be an allow Option. Select it

4. Choose Users.

5. Click on Add, in the pack of Remote Desktop Users.

6. Do single or additional of the tailing: (Select Users of Groups)

  • Click on Locations for state location.
  • Here Select Objective Types.
  • Type User Name you are looking for in the Enter the Object Names to Select.

7. OK.

The folk give be Appear in the tip of users in the Remote Desktop Users script box.

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How to login remotely to a Win 7 PC


Hi there , 

There is a third party software for this. It is team viewer. You can download it from here

And now install it on both the PCs 

Now check the username and the password of the TeamViewer which is installed in one of the PCs where you want to remotely work on and then type the username in the PC you are currently working and then wait and then type the password , 

Now you have remote access to that computer.

This is a third party software which I recommend, but many experts around the globe uses this, it's much better than stock remote desktop settings in windows.

Hope you are clear and this solved your problem.

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