How to keep a good password policy

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What are the best practices for keeping a good password policy wherein users will not be able to change it on a regular basis? Any ideas?

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How to keep a good password policy



 A good password contains a capital letter one small letter and one special character.

A good password change cannot do in a series.

If it is necessary for security and want more security then password can change in at list every month.

Password not be your name your child name and not be your wife name.

So, If you want that maintain security then it is not easy to remember to your password every time. You can write them in your note book.

But now these days password provider connect your email, your mobile phone for security reason.

It also ask one or more question.

So no problem, you can made your password in these condition any your most name that contained a upper latter and a small latter and at list one corrector. When you want to change your password you can only change your number that contains your password to next counting number.

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How to keep a good password policy


If you are referring to the password for the administrator account in Microsoft Windows then I don’t think there is a way of preventing users from changing it. Maybe for beginners you can still get away with it. But for advanced users who know too many applications, they can always find a program that can reset or remove the passwords on the computer.

You can device a way by changing the password regularly like for example, every week or every two weeks. This will give them less time to discover the real password. Though this method will not prevent them from removing or changing the password but in a way will limit them from discovering the actual password.

You can also prevent users from using the USB ports of the computer as well as the optical drive. Because most of the programs I know that are used to remove the password from a user account in Microsoft Windows use either the USB port by booting the computer on a USB flash drive or the optical drive by booting the computer using a CD.

Add a password on the computer’s BIOS so no other users can access it and change the settings.

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