How i will connect between 2 computers?

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I have a laptop and one desktop in my home. Sometimes I need to transfer data between two computers. So if I do this transfer by using a pen drive then it needs more time and also always transfer pen drive between computers.

So is there any way I can connect both computer wirelessly and transfer data smoothly?

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How i will connect between 2 computers?


Dear User,

You can do it very easily. Just need to establish peer to peer network. Please follow below process to establish this easy network.

I think both of your computers have built in LAN card. Especially check your desktop for the LAN card.

1. Now go to computer shop and buy a cross over cable. Simply connect this cable with both computer and set IP address of both computers. As below.

Desktop: IP:, Subnet: Gateway:

Laptop: IP:, Subnet:, Gateway:

Now restart both computer and make a share folder with any computer.

2. Buy a 5 port switch with two normal cat 5 cable and make sure that, RJ 45 connector connected with both side.

Now connect one cable with the switch and computer and another cable also connect with switch and laptop.

Set IP address as done previously.

Hope you can do it successfully.

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How i will connect between 2 computers?


You can connect both by just a cross cable.  Make a cross cable and insert them into the lan card of each.

  • Goto Control Panel. Click on Internet and regional connection settings ;
  • Click on the Internet connection ;
  • Goto properties and then click on  the TCP/IP ;
  • Open its properties and assign IP address to both of the same network.  For example assign IP to your laptop as and to and then ;
  • Goto the subnet mask portion.  It will automatically appear as don't change it.
  • Apply changes and both will connect to each other.  

Now if you want to share any file, click on it and goto property and share it. Then access it on another system.

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