How I can Make Money Easily in the Internet?

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I have a job right now but I have many free time so I am looking for an extra income. I heard from a friend that they transferred to freelance online jobs. And they are making great incomes. How can I make money through the internet? What are the sites that offer legit services like this? What is Odesk? Is it legit?

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How I can Make Money Easily in the Internet?


Nowadays, online businesses and online jobs are becoming extreme as many people are migrating from working in an office to working at home where all you need is just a computer and a fast internet connection. One of the guidelines that you should consider in picking a job online is to be very cautious. There are many fake websites that will offer you heaven only to find out that they are just scams and fraud. They will first ask you to pay for a learning kit or similar to it, or pay for your membership and earn more when you refer. But in the end, they already have your money and the site is already inactive.

Odesk is a good example of a legit freelance online workplace. This is a place for hiring and managing remote workers globally. Professionals and clients established to build work agreement. There are over 770 thousands jobs that are already posted on different fields. Be it on sales or marketing, business services, web and software development and more.

You will just register to, complete and make your profile more interesting so employers will pick you easily. Take the oDesk Readiness Test to ensure that you understand everything about their terms. Take more test depending on your skills. They have many tests available and the more you take, the better.

There are also legit sites that works like oDesk. Like, and a lot more.

Other ways to earn money online are the following:

1. Build a site and then monetize it by putting some ads to it. Your site should be very interesting to attract more visitors. You can make a blog and filled it with contents. Register on popular advertising networks. Google Adsense is one of the best along with AdBrite and Infolinks. They have snippets of codes which you will use to insert it on your website. When the visitors click the ads, you earn money into it.

2. Be a Paid Blogger. Some popular sites for this are ReviewMe and the PayPerPost. Create reviews on any products or services.

3. Try the LinkShare, ShareaSale, Clickbank and be an affiliate. Sell their products and start earning.

4.  Go for GPT Programs or the Get-Paid-To. Earn few cents just by clicking on any ad links. 

5. Online selling is another way to earn money. Sell your stuff and then post it in trusted sites like, and more.

There are more ways to earn money through the internet but do not go to anything that offers easy money. Those sites are often illegal or scams.


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