How to Recover deleted files recorder app

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Hi techy,

I have an important record in digital recorder accidentally being deleted with my cousin. There are any applications to retrieve or to recover deleted file? A recorder applications? Please help me I really need to recover deleted file recorder app.

Thank you.

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How to Recover deleted files recorder app



You can download Digital Voice Recorder Data Recovery Tool for windows (i.e. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery) OR Digital Voice Recorder File Recovery Software for Mac (i.e Stellar Mac Photo Recovery). After downloading the right software follow these easy and quick steps:-

1. Connect the digital recorder to your system.

2. Install the recovery software on your system and let it scan the digital recorder fully to look for recoverable data.

3. Preview and recover the files found.


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How to Recover deleted files recorder app

Hello Dixon,
Sorry to hear about the files getting deleted. Here is how you can get it back:
  • Avoid recording new data on your recorder, the deleted records still resides in the recorder's memory. Recording more consumes the space of the deleted files and it would make it unrecoverable.
  • Install programs that allow you to recover your files. Ex: PC Tools File recoversFree Undelete or Recover my files.
  • Connect your recorder to your computer.
  • Open the recovery program. Choose settings from the menu.
  • Select "Save recorded files to." Chose a path to save the files you want to recover.
  • Look for the function "Advanced scan", click it. Choose the drive letter which your digital recorder is attached to.
  • Select through the list of file extensions that the program can recover for you. Click the check box for which file type you want to recover and select "Start".
  • The files should appear now, Select which file you want to recover and Choose "Save" to recover the file.


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How to Recover deleted files recorder app


If the deleted file is stored on your local hard drive, the success of the recovery is still not guaranteed. The success will depend on which drive the file is residing.

If the file is residing on the system drive, drive C, recovery is low because files are constantly getting created and deleted on the system drive and this can surely overwrite the sectors originally occupied by the deleted file. Download PC Tools Performance Toolkit and install it. Once installed, start PC Tools then go to “Recovery” tab and click “Recover Lost Files”.

On the next screen, set the scan type and select the drive to scan or just leave it as is to select all drives. Click “Start Scan” to begin scanning your drive. When the scan is complete, look for your file on the list and restore it.

Most of the time, the recovered file is no longer usable or already corrupted so better check the contents of the file to make sure it is the same file or the contents are not changed.

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