I can’t play videos on my phone

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I try to watch videos on my phone, and they always crash. I hear that I can use a different browser to do this, but I'm not sure if that is the issue or not, as I can't seem to get them to play at all. For instance, I will watch a video on Facebook on my laptop, but if I try it on my phone, it crashes. Any suggestions on what I need to do? Thanks.

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I can’t play videos on my phone


Try following these strategies,

  1. Restart the device (because a refreshing reboot has the capability to fix certain system issues)
  2. Perform system updates regularly and any other application updates if available
  3. Identify & remove the applications with issues
  4. Try installing a new media player that is compatible with your device

If all the attempts prove useless, it is advisable to do a system back up where this issue was absent.

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