How I can fix USB mouse getting hang issue?

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Hello dear,

I am a permanent user of MS windows XP user since 2002. Now-a-days I am using XP sp2 but I am having an issue with my USB mouse device. The problem I am facing is that my mouse gets hanged time to time. Actually, I had updated my mouse device software via a driver updating software few days ago and from that day after restarting my computer;

I had got myself stuck in this issue. My mouse automatically goes jammed after a while and than it recovers automatically after a while (this process is repeating). So, it is very irritating for me whether I am working or trying to entertain myself on PC. I have tried different tricks to fix this issue but all in no vain.

For the fixation of this problem I firstly restored my USB mouse driver on my PC but now even restoring its driver the mouse is causing the same issue again and again. Then, I tried changing its ports but this trick neither worked for me nor a single change occurred. I also have tried searching on Microsoft website about this issue but I am failed to find any helping material for me related to this particular issue. Yes I can restore my PC but I don’t want to do that because I have installed various application software on my PC and I think while doing that I may lose my customize setting.

So, I need someone to help me for getting rid of this issue.

I am here to know “how I can fix USB mouse getting hang issue?”

I’ll be waiting for any useful suggestion to accept.

I want to say you thanks in advance for your precious clue.

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How I can fix USB mouse getting hang issue?


Hello Jaybeee,

I have here some solutions and you can do any of the following solutions. Hope it will help a lot for your problem.


Here's the solution for your problem. You are going to check the speed of your mouse settings. Maybe it is set  in the fast speed that's why the cursor jumping to other way and it freeze time to time. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Start > click on Control Panel.
Step 2: Click the Printers and Other Hardware category > click the Mouse icon.

Step 3: In the Buttons tab, look for the Double-click speed. Set it to the middle point.

Click Apply and OK then restart your computer.


To avoiding jumping cursor, kindly uncheck the hide cursor while typing under the mouse settings.

Follow the steps:

Step 1: Follow the same Steps 1-2 in Solution 1.
Step 2: In the Mouse Properties dialog box > click the Pointer Option tab.
Step 3: Uncheck the "hide pointer while typing" under Visibility > then click Apply and OK.

Step 4: Then restart the computer.


Look for the mouse if there are dirt and dust, better to clean the dirt and dust using soft cloth and add small amount of alcohol and wait until it dry. Mouse supposed to start jumping when mess or mousepad is hit. If you think mousepad is not good anymore, you can also replace your mouse pad to a quality mouse pad.


Uninstall and Reinstall your mouse driver to refresh all the system. Here's the easy way to uninstall and reinstall your mouse driver. Follow these steps:

Step 1: In your desktop, right-click My computer -> click Manage.
Step 2: In the Computer Management (Local) click Device Manager.
Step 3: Select Mice and other pointing devices and click the (+) sign to expand.
Step 4: Right click the mouse driver -> select Uninstall. Then it will take for a few seconds.
Step 5: Then now click Action Tab -> select scan for hardware changes. The system will automatically look for the updates for your drivers and reinstall it.


One more suggestion, if you are using animation cursor better to remove it. Use a default cursor to avoid hang up cursor. How to default your cursor? Follow this steps:

Step 1:Press Windows key, -> click Control Panel.
Step 2: Pick the Printers and Other Hardware category -> then click Mouse icon.

Step 3: Click the Pointers Tab > click Use Default > then click Apply and OK.


Virus can be cause of automatic cursor  jump and cursor hang up time to time.

You have to do is to scan your computer using the updated anti-virus.

Make sure to update it first before you proceed to scan your computer.

On your anti-virus click on Tools tab and select update. Wait for a second then after, again on Tools tab select scan your computer.

Look for the infected files or programs, an you will be needing to remove them.

So you can avoid affecting other files and programs in virus.

Feel free on virus, so better to update your anti-virus regularly.

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How I can fix USB mouse getting hang issue?


This problem also comes with me so I decided to share it with you, my mouse also hangs for some while.

In my case I change the "USB" port and it was gone.

But in your case it look’s like driver problem, so what you need to do is just go to your DEVICE DRIVER MANAGER and then click on the mouse driver. Now what you have to do is this:

You have to first disable your mouse driver and then with the help of keyboard you have to enable them again.

As i have done here for you:



Now by enabling it, it will work fine. If not, you have to buy a new one. 


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