How I can fix PC goes idle issue?

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I am using Microsoft Windows XP SP2 home edition and I am having a problem with my PC’s performance. The issue of which I am been victim is that whenever I use to open more than three windows of my internet browser, my computer goes hanged and everything stops responding.

Even after this I cannot shut down or restart my PC because the computer is suppose to be totally jammed than. I have tried lot of things to overcome at this issue but I am not been able to fix this issue via any of my adopted method.

For the solution of this irritating problem, first of all I reinstalled my internet browser (thinking that my browser should have been corrupted) but after this step the problem still remain.

Then I tried checking my operating partition C (thought this might be causing the issue) but this also failed to help me in this matter. At, last I have tried de-fragmenting my whole drives respectively (thinking that this issue should be due to fragmented disk) but the issue was never to be solved even with this and is still available to irritate me and make me frustrated.

Now, I am very much tired while attempting to fix this issue and being a tech lover I want to learn the solution of this issue from an expert.

Well, I want you to kindly tell me How to fix PC goes idle issue?

So, kindly help me to get out of this irritating problem, as early as it is possible for you by passing away some suggestions to me. I would be really very thankful to you at this act.

I am waiting for someone’s suggestion, desperately.

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How I can fix PC goes idle issue?



  • Try to change the browser. (recommended: chrome).
  • If you've installed the browser again with the same setup, try to download new one, and install again.
  • If any of this solutions do not work, please tell us more about your pc performance (RAM and processor).

P. S. After block (which is very common for windows) try with ctrl+alt+del -> right click on process that carries the browser -> select (chose, go to process something like that -> end process tree).

In the worst possible case, the only thing you can do is reformat the C and install XP again (20-30 minutes) (recommended: with different XP CD), so there is no reason to be desperate.

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How I can fix PC goes idle issue?


Good day,

Your system hangs when opening 3 windows on your internet browser, May I know what websites your viewing that time? There are numerous site now a days that offer HD that really consumes your system resources and if your PC is kind a bit older I guess its one of the problems you may encounter.

For other solutions try this:

1. Since you have already installed a new browser and same issues again, try to check your hardware devices such as memory, hard disk.

2. Clean the contacts of your memory by using an eraser.

3. In checking the hard disk there were third party software that you might use for checking it such as Sea tools for Seagate hard disks, so that you can check if there were any bad sectors on your hard disk.

4. Reformatting, try to install a fresh copy of windows though it will consume your time in installing the operating systems, drivers and other applications but still the best way to refresh your PC but first and for most back up all your important files and make sure that you have the CD drivers for your PC.

Hope I help you with my advise.


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How I can fix PC goes idle issue?


You need to upgrade your Internet Explorer to the most recent version.

Also, I suggest you use Mozilla Firefox, which is far better than IE based on my own experience.

This is a good software and has many other features that will make browsing easy.

The link is provided below, where you can download it:

I hope it will help you in this regard.

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How I can fix PC goes idle issue?


This could be a virus/malware/spyware issue. Try to perform a full virus scan on your computer. So you need to update your antivirus or anti malware/ spyware programs and then run it on your computer. You can also download and install Ad-Aware Free Antivirus and run it while on Safe Mode.

Another way is to update your Internet Explorer or use another browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome.

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