How to hide cells in Excel?

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I gave link from Sheet1 to Sheet2 in MS Excel. Now if I hide Sheet2, the link of Sheet1 does not work.

I heard that I can hide all the cells of Sheet2 in that situation.

But the problem is I don’t know how to hide the cells of a Sheet in Excel.

Can anyone please help me in this regard?

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How to hide cells in Excel?


I am currently using  MS Excel 2003, however, the same steps apply to other version although it has a different format:

  • Select all the cells in the sheet you want to hide. Drag your mouse to the upper portion (the one with capital letters) if you want to hide the columns or drag it to the leftmost portion (those with numbers) if you want to hide the rows.
  • Right-click the mouse and select Hide. 
  •  As you can see in my illustration, the cells that I’ve selected are already hidden.
  • You can also unhide the cells by clicking the upper-leftmost portion of the worksheet; right click using your mouse and select Unhide.

I hope this helps!

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How to hide cells in Excel?


In a situation where you have given link from sheet 1 to sheet 2 although your sheet 2 is hidden those links should work. I think you may have done error in hiding cells. If you want to hide sheet 2 you can use one of following two methods.Those methods are,

1. Right click on the sheet name (That is sheet 2) and click on the “Hide” option. Then the entire sheet will be hidden.

2. Click on the rectangular on left upper corner (to select all the cells) and right click on the Column “A” and click hide. Then the all the cells will be hidden However sheet 2 will still available.

As above you can hide the data in sheet 2 without affecting the links from Sheet 1.

I think this answer might be fairly enough for you to solve the problem.

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