An unresponsive composite bar excel

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I need help. I am using a composite bar excel. The problem I gave encountered is that some data that I have entered doesn’t represent on the bar. What could possibly be wrong with the way I am doing it?

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An unresponsive composite bar excel



As you are asking about the composite bar in Excel, I assume you are asking about composite bar graphs. Try the following:

Option 1: Click on the graph and the source data will be automatically highlighted in a different colour, as in the below image. Check if the missing data is within this source data box or not. If it is not simply drag the edge of the coloured box to include the missing data.

Option 2: If you are using any source data which is derived from a formula, check if the x and y axis scale is defined properly to show the smallest of the value properly. What I am trying to say is the value might be there in the graph, but is very small to be detected by human eye.

If the above does not solve your problem, can you post the Excel or a similar sample to give a more clear picture of the issue. 

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An unresponsive composite bar excel


Hello Mr. Bertha Griffen,

According to me you are asking about composite bar in excel,

According to me the mistake you must be doing is that not selecting the full Data that u want in composite bar or heading you are Putting must not be proper.

So, make sure that when you are preparing the composite bar in excel do the full selection of Data and Proper Heading.

This must help you in solving the problem


Shwanj Whudson

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