How to get rid with ghost word document?

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Hi to everyone,

How to get rid with ghost word document?

I have some word file document in my windows 7 64 bit operating system computer.

After saving and opening a file, there is a transparent or ghost like structure copy of my word document file.

I just don’t get the purpose of having this what I call ghost file word. I need to get rid of it.

Your suggestion is very much welcome.

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How to get rid with ghost word document?


Good day!

Don't be worried about these ghost word document file because they are actually temporary files created by Microsoft Word for safety reason. Word creates it to keep your original file protected from problems such as power failure, loss of internet connection etc. that may occur while the document is being written.
The main purpose of the ghost documents is for you to save your work in these ghost docs first and when all is done saving it again to the original file. These ghost documents will be deleted if you saved your work from the original file and closed it properly. You can do this by:
  • Clicking on the File menu on the menu bar.
  • And click on Exit.

this will close the entire document without leaving any running active documents.

hope this helps!

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