Basics steps which can improve your MS Word document

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Hello! Although I have been using MS Word from a very long time but like others I use it without noticing some of the major functionalities of this software which could be very useful at times. So can anyone tell me a few basic steps which could be employed to improve the quality of your document like the format of the text, indentation etc. We all know that MS Word is full of useful tools so please name all the basic steps which we can follow to make our work look more attractive

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Basics steps which can improve your MS Word document


That’s true. Microsoft Office Word is the most widely used word processor or document editor around the world aside from the other similar applications that follow like the Apache OpenOffice which is very similar to the Microsoft Office package. In Microsoft Office Word, if you want to highlight a word or make it bold, simply highlight or select all the letters of the word then click B under the Font section.

It will make the entire word bold. Aside from clicking B under the Font section, you can also press CTRL + B on your keyboard as an alternative and it will also apply bold to the word you selected. See image.

The same goes to italics and underline. To apply either italics or underline, select the word or words to highlight then click either I or U under Font section, I for italics and U for underline. You can also press CTRL + I for italics and CTRL + U for underline. See image.

To indent a paragraph, just hit the Tab button and your cursor will move to the right. You can also make small caps in your texts. Small caps capitalizes the word or words you selected but it is only the size of the small letters instead of the big letters.

To apply this, select or highlight the entire word or words then right-click on the highlighted word and then select Font. Under Effects section, check “Small caps” then click OK. See image.

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Basics steps which can improve your MS Word document


Well everyone knows that MS WORD is a rich software, very useful. So some basic steps to make your work presentable are:

1-      Use paragraphs and page breaking

2-      Use bullets whenever you are conveying something in points

3-      Use bold always to emphasize and highlighting text

4-      Use header and footer for proper documentation

5-      Use line spacing for changing spacing between lines

6-      Font toolbar has all the options that can make your font presentable

7-      Indents are really helpful

8-      As well as indent, margins and layouts are also useful.


Consider these basic steps and also watch some tutorials on internet and if you want I can suggest you some also.

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