How to fix Stacks Overflow Error

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What does Stacks Overflow Error mean?

How can you resolve this type of error?


Windows Internet Explorer  
Stack Overflow at line: 0  

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How to fix Stacks Overflow Error


Stack Overflow is a very normal error that occurs with almost every recursion program at debugging mode. Ory system has a predefined amount of memory located for the use as a stack. As we know, on continuous Call of a function repeatedly, the contents of each call are pushed to the stack and the next call is evaluated. this overflows the stack. First You should find whether there is any error that calls a function repeatedly, which occurs in nearly 97% cases.

If it has so happened, then you can try to insert return of functions on matching a certain criteria that stops the repeated calling to an extent. If you are using backtracking algorithms, then its the fault of recursion and is definite as explained earlier. You should specify which version of software you are using so as to deliver you the process to increase the size of Stack.

Try your program at debug mode and see the stack trace for details.

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