How to fix problem in loading mscoreei.dll?

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Recently, I had to restart my computer because it said it needed to go through some start up repair. But later on, it displayed an error message as soon as the Windows booted up. The error statement was:

"C:Windows|Microsoft.NetFrameworkv4.0.30319mscoreei.dll could not be loaded. “

I need help to understand this situation; I need to know what happened to my computer, and is it some sort of danger of crashing?

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How to fix problem in loading mscoreei.dll?


Missing mscoreei.dll occurs when the dll file is missing or not loading. It appears that the .NET Framework is needed on the startup programs such as the KiesHelper.exe and the Matrix Storage. Go to the HP website and then search for the updated SATA or storage driver.

You can also try to access msconfig and disable the KiesHelper.exe from running during startup. If you are using a mobile device, disabling it will take longer to start Kies.

Also, download and install .Net Framework 4.0 from the links below:

1. NET Framework 4 Client Profile
2. NET Framework 4.0 Full
Hope this helps.
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How to fix problem in loading mscoreei.dll?


It is very simple and it is free and very easy to fix the error and anybody filled it very easily and it will take 7 to 10 minutes to solve your problem.

 For fixing   Mscoree. dill error you should download the latest drivers to avoid conflict between applications and make your drive compatible because outmoded driver is also one of the main causes of this particular dill error.
So always use antivirus program to cease the entrance of Trojans and other Malwares.

It is also recommended to use Registry Repair Tool Registry files are also considered as a primary and most common cause of Mscoree.dill error.

As it is serves as a core component that stores all the required setting and options of the entire application of the system.
If the database of registry files are damaged system throws a number of dill error.
So by using registry repair tool you can easily repair corrupted registry.

Fix problem mscoreei.dll by Antivirus tool:
In some cases Mscoree.dill error possibly indicated infection of virus because it is a noticeable that the virus not only damages the important system files but also leads too many issues as like slowdown of the system

1.   So step 1 is run XOFTSPYSE Anti-spyware software

2.   Next step is to scan the entire PC and ignore the previous detected threats

3.    The next step is including the list of previously backed up files during cleaning

4.   Clean the regular program and set the startup editor

5.   Check PC health by using the Registry Repair tool

6.   Then Run PC Health Advisor software

7.   Scan the entire PC

8.   Preview the error and infections

9.   Scan the registry error

10.  Start the cleaning process

Then I hope your problem is solved and you fixed your error.


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How to fix problem in loading mscoreei.dll?


Hello Calvin,

You are getting that error because the "mscoreei.dll" file is either missing or  it is not loading. Apparently, the NET Framework on your computer is being requested by a startup program.

So you will need to check for updated storage driver updates. Another thing you should do is try accessing "msconfig", or one of the other startup locations.

I will also recommend that you to perform an offline installation of .NET Framework 4 from the following link and see if it will work:

Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Standalone Installer)

 After that you will  restart your computer and verify if the issue persists.



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How to fix problem in loading mscoreei.dll?



There is another Techyv post which one also addressed about this issue . Visit that page get more information to resolve this issue.

HP Product Detection AClmControl.exe – .NET Framework Initialization

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How to fix problem in loading mscoreei.dll?


Because Microsoft .NET Framework runs like a service after installing it, it runs automatically with Windows. If there is a corrupt file in its components, the error will be triggered during startup and that’s how you triggered the error. If a certain DLL file component of Microsoft .NET Framework can’t be loaded, it may indicate that the file is corrupt.

One way of fixing it is to repair it. Click “Start,” “Control Panel” and then “Add or Remove Programs.” Select “Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0” from the list and click “Change/Remove.” Wait until setup is finished analyzing the system. On the next screen, select “Repair” then click “Next” and then follow the instructions. When repair is complete, exit Control Panel and restart your computer.

See if it works. If this doesn’t work, try downloading Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5. This is an in-place update to Microsoft .NET Framework 4.

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