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Sometimes Mozilla Firefox browser becomes unresponsive. So, I would like to know the reasons behind it. I would appreciate if anyone tell me the way to circumvent those troubles?  I am also seeking your help to fix this problem.

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Commonly in Firefox the script may become unresponsive. This show through an error stating unresponsive script. This means firefox believes the script may lead it to hang. You have an option of either letting the script continue or stop if it continues note that it may cause Firefox to hang or may be the script just needs a longer time to open. If this error happens on particular websites then you can stop scripts running on that particular website. Check that there are no add-ons because this could be the cause. If it is still hanging then shut down and run Mozilla once more.

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It can happen for two things one is low ram and other is virus attack. So first you have to identify what kind of problem you are facing. If it is low ram then you can buy a new one. To see your ram status click on start menu then programs then accessories then system tool then system information. If your ram is ok then you are facing virus attack. So use a antivirus to kill the virus .And then re-install the fire fox again. If then it happens again then you should re-install your operating system. So first identify the problem then do as I said to you.

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Mozilla Firefox may sometimes encountered unresponsive and what you can do then if it happens this way is to forced Mozilla Firefox to close. Or you can do the Task Manager and end the task of all unresponsive Mozilla Firefox.

Unresponsive is sometimes caused by script that is expired and out of date. However, the most common issue with unresponsive Mozilla Firefox is caused by system glitch or too much files to process.

While the browser is still working and loading, you might click on something and this caused the browser and computer memory too much to processed.

To stop this unresponsive Firefox browser, you need to do the steps below;

Right click on the System Tray
Left click on Task Manager
Highlight the unresponsive software
Click on End the Task

You may clean all browsing history, cookies, files and other temporary Internet files to improve the browser's performance.

Go to the arrow pointing down in the upper left corner
Click on Clear History
Select the time frame on what to delete
Then click Ok
This clears all browsing history of your browser
Reset the browser back to it's original state

If still doing this way almost everyday, you'll then I would suggest to uninstall Mozilla Firefox and re-install it again. In this, you will be having a newly installed software and you will definitely get the latest version.

Sharath Reddy