How To Extend Satellite Cable To Connect It To TV.

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When you buy a new television and decide to move the seating from the old place to a new one, you might need to extend the satellite cable for TV to work. how to extend satellite cable to connect it to the TV at new place?

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How To Extend Satellite Cable To Connect It To TV.


When we want to extend a satellite cable we can use F connectors. To use and connect cable to connector, follow the steps given below:

1) Take the cable, a cutter and a F connector.

2) Cut the outer casing of cable with the help of cutter. Do not cut the copper strands.

3) Remove the outer PVC skin to see the copper strands.

4) Even if cut a little of copper strand, do not panic. It is just to reduce the interference.

5) Separate the copper strands into two sections. Circle each of them and fold back to the cable.

6) Cut the central PVC section to see the copper core.

7) Do not let the copper strands touch the central copper core.

8) Screw the connector in the cable until it is tightly fit.

9) Use another F cable to join with this improved cable.

10) Connecting these two will extend the satellite cable.

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