Smoke came out of my computer

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I plugged my computer into the power outlet this morning and before i even pressed on the power button to put it on, smoke started to come out of it.

I pulled it out from the power outlet and after a few minutes i tried putting it back in and putting it on, but nothing happened.

The computer is no longer starting up.

I know something is burnt. I know that a component is damaged, which is why the computer is not going on. But I do not know which component is damaged. I also would like to know what caused the component to burn.

Which component it is and if it is replaceable or if i would have to buy a new computer?

Thank you.

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Smoke came out of my computer



We can't determine what components are damaged unless we see it for ourselves but one sure thing that is damaged is your computers power supply. What you can only do in this situation is replace your computers power supply and also check yourself or have a technician have a look at the inside of your computer to see what further is damaged inside your computer. Now there are a couple of reasons this could have happened to you, one thins is maybe you plugged in your computer in a wrong outlet, say a 120v to 220v, that would surely fry your system. Another is that it could have been wet when you plugged it in. Either way, no other option but to have it physically checked to determine what else is damaged besides your power supply.

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Smoke came out of my computer

  • Are you using Stavolt or UPS on your computer? UPS / Stavolt is useful to stabilizing the electric power on the computer so that no excess voltage.
  • If you are not using Stavolt, maybe that is why. If you connect your computer directly to the outlet without passing through Stavolt it will most likely occur electrical short circuit, as you experienced. This is a direct impact on your power supply.
  • However, if you have used Stavolt and fixed electrical short circuit occurs, the problem might exist on your Stavolt. Or perhaps your electrical installation is problematic. Then you can check the electrical installation in your home.
  • Burnt components on your computer is most likely the Power Supply. You can replace the power supply, so the computer can turn back on. And do not forget to use Stavolt / UPS.

Hope this helps your problem.

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