How to enable Vista Aero Glass Windows?

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My Windows Vista Home Premium Aero Glass feature wasn’t enabled. But I am pretty sure that it is already on my computer system, I just don’t understand why it shows no effect when I switched on to windows, why it does not have a live screen shot when I hover my mouse to the start menu, and all of its features are not working.

This has been working when I first installed my operating system, but now I don’t know why it suddenly stopped.

I want to know the procedure on how to enable it again.

Please help.

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How to enable Vista Aero Glass Windows?


If your Windows Aero suddenly stops working, the possible reasons are:

  • You have open different programs and your computer doesn’t have enough memory space left.
  • You have an application running that is not compatible with Aero or the compatibility options are set to disable.
  • You have a video card that cannot handle the resolution needed to run Aero perfectly.
  • You have disabled the Desktop Window Manager Service.
  • Your computer is set to Adjust for Best Performance under the Advanced System Properties.

When your computer is running slowly, the Aero glass is automatically disabled. But if you close some application, everything will get back into normal. But often times you get stuck with the Windows Vista Basic theme. So you need to re-enable it again. To do this, please follow the steps below:

1. Right-click anywhere on your desktop then click Personalize then click Window Color and Appearance.
2. Appearance Settings Box will open, Select Windows Aero on the drop down menu under color schemes.
3. The Aero is now re-enabled.

If the above steps did not re-enabled Aero, please follow the steps below:

1. Click start then type sysdm.cpl in the search box.
2. This will open the System Properties Box, select Advanced tab then the settings button under Performance.
3. Ensure that the Enable Transparent Glass and Enable Desktop Composition are both checked or just simply select the Adjust for Best Appearance under Visual Effects tab.
4. Got back to your desktop, right-click anywhere then select Properties.
5. Choose Windows Aero again to re-enable it.

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How to enable Vista Aero Glass Windows?


Dear James,

Below are the three quick steps that you have to follow to enable a vista aero glass window:

First:        Right-Click on a blank area of desktop
Second:  Select Personalize from the context menu
Third:       Click Window Color and Appearance Option

To disable, just click open classic appearance properties for more color options link, then, select a non-aero theme and click OK.

If this still does not work, you might need to upgrade your system as this requires heavy video card.



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How to enable Vista Aero Glass Windows?


• Right click on any blank space on your desktop screen. .

From the popup menu, click personalize

• Click Window Color and Appearance


• Open classic (at the bottom)

Find Windows Areo scheme and choose it as the new scheme.


• Click Apply
• Click OK
• You are done!
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How to enable Vista Aero Glass Windows?


The aero glass is now enabled. Thank you for sharing the information above that helps me resolve the problem I am encountering.

You are really a geek.

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