How to enable hibernate option if it’s missing?

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After running a disk clean up, I can’t seem to find the hibernate option in my Start Menu.

It seems to be missing or anything. But surely, I did not intentionally delete it on my list. I am running Windows Vista Home Premium and I want to know how to enable it again.

And how can I avoid losing it again when I run my disk clean up the next time.


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How to enable hibernate option if it’s missing?


This is a known issue in Windows Vista when you run Disk Clean up because it also removes the hibernate files. So in order not to remove it again, deselect Hibernation File Cleaner on the list when you run Disk Cleaner next time. To enable it again and be visible on your Start Menu, please follow the steps below:

1. Click start then type cmd on the Start menu search box. Then right click cmd on the list and click Run as Administrator.


Use Ctrl+Shift+Enter to open the Administrator mode.

2. On the command prompt, type powercfg /hibernate on.

3. Restart your computer and Hibernate option will become visible again.

Alternatively, you can also:

  • Click Start menu then under Accessories, you will see the Command Prompt, right click then Run as Administrator.
  • Type powercfg.exe /hibernate on then enter.


Type powercfg –h on then hit enter.

  • You can also click Start then open Control Panel. Type hibernate on search box. 
  • This will open the Power Option box. Click Turn Hibernation On or Off.
  • Click Change advanced power settings to open the Power Options box, then expand the Sleep option.
  • Choose Off to the Allow Hybrid Sleep option.
  • Expand Power buttons and lid, then select hibernate for the sleep button action and select hibernate for the start menu power option.
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How to enable hibernate option if it’s missing?


Hibernation is usually setting the windows state into a file system known as hiberfil.sys. The problem of the computer not showing the 'hibernate option' usually arises when you run the cleanup utility usually due to a bug.

This can be solved anyway easily by simply going to the start button and going to the search option and typing in 'cmd' then in the command prompt window typing in 'powercfg.exe/hibernate on' in the window it will look something like 'powercfg.exe/-h on'. If you are not running as admin you right click on the option 'Start > All Programs > Accessories' and select 'run as administrator'. This should solve the problem.

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How to enable hibernate option if it’s missing?


I appreciate the patience and the willingness to help me resolve my problem. You are all great! Thank you very much.

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